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Ultraviolet Ozone GenerationUltraviolet light waves and Ozone are proven deadly to microorganisms. The use of this technology can help to minimize microbiological activity in the recirculating water of a cooling tower or closed water loop system.

How it Works

Ultraviolet (UV) ozone generation (via ultraviolet lamps) has been used for decades to generate ozone. The lamps emit UV light at 185 nanometers (nm). Light is measured on a scale called an electromagnetic spectrum and its increments are referred to as nanometers. Air or water (usually ambient) are passed over an ultraviolet lamp, which splits oxygen (O2) molecules in the water or air. The resulting oxygen atoms (O-), seeking stability, attach to other oxygen molecules (either two additional O- or one O2), forming ozone (O3).

Corona Discharge (CD) ozone generation technologies involved in corona discharge ozone generation are varied, but all operate fundamentally by passing dried, oxygen-containing gas through an electrical field. The electrical current causes the “split” in the oxygen. The feature variations are many, but generally they can be divided into three types - low frequency (50 to 100 Hz), medium frequency (100 to 1,000 Hz), and high frequency (1,000 + Hz). Since 85% to 95% of the electrical energy supplied to a corona discharge ozone generator produces heat, some method for heat removal is provided by either air or water.

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