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We Sell Selective Ion Exchange Systems

Ion ExchangeThis technology can alter the supply water chemistry thereby allowing for higher achievable “Cycles of Concentration” (COC). Higher COC’s can lead to dramatic water savings, lower corrosion potential, and lower associated water treatment costs.

How it Works

Ion exchange is an effective, versatile means of conditioning supply waters of all types. The term “ion exchange” describes the process: as water flows through a bed of ion exchange material, undesirable ions are removed and replaced with less objectionable ones. For example, in softening processes, calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) are exchanged for sodium or potassium ions. In dealkalization, the ions contributing to alkalinity (carbonate, bicarbonate, etc.) are removed and replaced with chloride ions. Ion exchange processes are versatile — specific types of ions can be removed from water depending on the choice of exchange material and regenerate used.

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